Albrecht Durer’s Knots – part 1

In my other world (as opposed to my needlework world), I am a middle school math teacher.  And I only bring this up today because it is relevant to the story I am telling. Some of you may already have known about the math side of me.  Some of you may have already seen someContinue reading “Albrecht Durer’s Knots – part 1”

Cross-pollination in needlework

(Side note before I even get started on the main focus of this blog post:  I was just googling “cross pollination” to see if it was really what I wanted to use for the title.  Because, as you can imagine, this is going to have nothing to do with fertilization of plants or anything inContinue reading “Cross-pollination in needlework”


This past weekend, I was at my LNS (local needlework store), which currently has my trunk show of models.  While there, I was talking to a couple of the customers/stitchers about one of the pieces and so it has just been on my mind the last couple of days. While, yes, the pattern for thisContinue reading “Inspiration”

Call it what you want, I’m glad it is in my life

I thought this next blog post was going to be about another stitching project, but I’m going to take a little side track and save that idea for the next post and instead go with the flow.  I saw a reference to an article in the New York Times and that brief reference was enoughContinue reading “Call it what you want, I’m glad it is in my life”

Making a pattern your own

I feel like this is a topic that often comes up:  using the “called for” threads and fabric versus choosing your own when working from a pattern.  The most important rule to follow?  Do what you love.  If the image sings to you because of the colors that the designer chose, well, for goodness sake,Continue reading “Making a pattern your own”