Back in the fall, I saw an exhibit at an art gallery that directly inspired me to try something new for a cross stitch pattern.  At this gallery, there was a series of works, most either abstract geometrical or vaguely simplistic landscapes, that were created using the same small pattern repeated over and over.  When... Continue Reading →

How to Live

When I was in college, I used to collect quotes in a little notebook.  Just statements that touched me, hit me the right way, connected with an experience or a feeling.  While I don't actively write down such words in a little book anymore, that doesn't mean that I don't often pause and contemplate when... Continue Reading →

Italian Tiles

Next up to share with you is my new design called Italian Tiles.  Like the other three, this will debut at the Nashville Needlework Market next week. When thinking about the designs I wanted to have out for Market this year, I thought a lot about the variety of patterns that I have produced so... Continue Reading →

Floral Lace

Today I would like to share with you about one of my new designs, Floral Lace.  It is one of the four new ones that will be debuting at the Nashville Needlework Market in less than two weeks. As with a few other of my lace inspired designs, this one is based off of an... Continue Reading →

New Patterns for Nashville Market!

I'm excited to share with you that I have four new patterns that will be released at the Nashville Needlework Market during the first weekend in March! If you are unfamiliar with Nashville, it is the once-a-year wholesale opportunity for mostly cross stitch designers (and related companies such as thread manufacturers and fabric dyers) to... Continue Reading →

Currently Stitching…

While it seems like so much of my stitching in the last number of months has been kept "secret" until I was ready to reveal (because it was stitching models for my own patterns), I realized the other day that I so could have been blogging about my current stitch project.  For the past few... Continue Reading →

An influential museum exhibit

In my last blog post, I briefly mentioned that I learned about the existence of old (i.e. centuries old) pattern books to be found online thanks to a museum exhibit.  Let me take a moment to revisit that exhibit with you. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City mounted a major exhibit titled "Fashion... Continue Reading →

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