New Patterns for Nashville Market!

I’m excited to share with you that I have four new patterns that will be released at the Nashville Needlework Market during the first weekend in March!

If you are unfamiliar with Nashville, it is the once-a-year wholesale opportunity for mostly cross stitch designers (and related companies such as thread manufacturers and fabric dyers) to come together for a cash-and-carry wholesale show.  Store owners come to buy and bring back the latest designs (and plenty of already released favorites) to their customers and designers bring on their “A Game” by releasing tons of great designs specifically at this show.  It is not a consumer show – meaning, it is not open to the general public to go in and buy.

I will not be an exhibitor this year, but my patterns will be there in the Hoffman Distributing room.  I will also be there – as a visitor, not a vendor.  I wanted to take a year to go in this way, learn the ropes, soak up knowledge, meet people, chat with others about ways to go about being a successful exhibitor, all with the vision of hopefully being a vendor next year.  I am glad, however, that through my distributor (Hoffman) I can still say that I am a part of the excitement of having Nashville releases.

I’ve begun sharing them in a few different ways:

– on my Flosstube video from this week, which you can find here

–  on a video recorded with Gary Parr of Fibertalk, which you can find on Fibertalk’s website here

– on my Instagram page (@worksbyabc)

In addition, as a regular monthly co-host of the weekday show, Gary and I talked a bit about the designs in this week’s (2/19/20) podcast.

Here are pictures of my four new designs – I’ll be sharing more in detail about them here on this blog in the new few posts.

Published by worksbyabc

There is nothing that comforts me more than putting needle and thread to fabric or canvas. I've been stitching since I was a teenager, exploring all types of needlework - cross stitch, canvaswork, counted thread techniques like blackwork and name it. All these years of stitching have led to my own design business. Most of my designs are cross stitch patterns, but I have also enjoyed creating beginner level canvaswork designs and blackwork patterns as well.

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