Stitch Palettes

Are you familiar with If you have any interest in color, especially as a stitcher, you should get to know this website! This website is the creation of Krisztina, a woman that lives "in a beautiful and wild part of Europe" (her words). When it was mentioned to me in passing by a fellow... Continue Reading →

Crafting During the Pandemic

You may have already seen this article from April, but I figured it was worth sharing. Titled "How Crafting Can Help Ease Pandemic Anxiety," it says what I know just about all stitchers already know. The work we do with our hands is so very important to us as individuals on so many different levels.... Continue Reading →

When and How Did You Learn to Stitch?

Okay, so that title is a loaded question and one that could take hours to answer. But I am bringing up the topic simply because it is related to my previous post about the Winterthur Needlework Conference. (A side note: in that post, I mentioned that the furniture conference, also planned to be held in... Continue Reading →

August’s Feature Artist on Reddit

Are you familiar with Reddit?  I know I became aware of its existence a couple of years ago and went to check it out, understanding that it was another platform to reach out to those with similar interests to me.  That said, while I created an account, I hadn't really learned much about it until... Continue Reading →

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