Crafting During the Pandemic

You may have already seen this article from April, but I figured it was worth sharing. Titled “How Crafting Can Help Ease Pandemic Anxiety,” it says what I know just about all stitchers already know. The work we do with our hands is so very important to us as individuals on so many different levels.Continue reading “Crafting During the Pandemic”

When and How Did You Learn to Stitch?

Okay, so that title is a loaded question and one that could take hours to answer. But I am bringing up the topic simply because it is related to my previous post about the Winterthur Needlework Conference. (A side note: in that post, I mentioned that the furniture conference, also planned to be held inContinue reading “When and How Did You Learn to Stitch?”

Winterthur Virtual Needlework Conference

I’ve written about Winterthur before – see the Threads of History post I did about a year and a half ago. In Delaware, it is the home, museum, and gardens of Henry Francis Dupont, opened to the public about 60 years ago. If you are interested in learning more, I suggest checking out AboutContinue reading “Winterthur Virtual Needlework Conference”

August’s Feature Artist on Reddit

Are you familiar with Reddit?  I know I became aware of its existence a couple of years ago and went to check it out, understanding that it was another platform to reach out to those with similar interests to me.  That said, while I created an account, I hadn’t really learned much about it untilContinue reading “August’s Feature Artist on Reddit”