Hardanger Finish

I have a few finishes to share from the last month or so and it is time that I do so.

A couple of months back, I wrote about the Hardanger piece that I was working on. It was a much needed project, just a break from my own designs and cross stitch for a bit. And here is is finished, on New Year’s Day. This is Garden Delights by Satin Stitches on 25 count white linen with perle #8 in white.

Typically with Hardanger, or at least what I have seen, a stitcher would use two weights of threads. One, slightly thicker and often perle #8 for a lot of the basic stitching and then a finer one, often perle #12, for the work of wrapping bars and putting in decorative stitches. I was intrigued by the instructions of this piece in that it said that everything would be done using perle #8. I did indeed try weaving my first few bars with the #12 to decide how it looked. And while it looked okay, when I then wove some other bars with perle #8, I decided, yea, that #8 looks best here.

The edge is done with a buttonhole stitch and then all excess fabric is cut away. That edge seemed to take forever…but of course it was worth the effort.

Really please with how this turned out!

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