New Design – Lake

Today I’m sharing the fourth of my five new patterns for Needlework Expo. You can read all about this event in my last few posts.

Here is Lake:

If it looks vaguely familiar, it might be because you are remembering Landscape, a pattern that debuted at Nashville Market last year (2020). I was inspired to create these after seeing an exhibit in an art gallery where the artist used a small repeating pattern to create a larger image. This style seemed to lend itself so well to cross stitch designing and so I took the plunge. A simple image is revealed with careful placement of color as the same geometric motif is repeated. I stitched this using one strand of Gentle Arts threads. While it is on 32 count fabric and two strands might be the more typical way to go, I opted for one strand to get the light and airy effect.

As I loved creating this and Landscape before it, I suspect there will be more in this series in the future.

One more reveal to go tomorrow! Remember, if you are interested in getting any of these patterns (or any others you are seeing designers reveal at this time), make sure to let your LNS know!

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