New Patterns for Nashville Market!

I’m excited to share with you that I have four new patterns that will be released at the Nashville Needlework Market during the first weekend in March! If you are unfamiliar with Nashville, it is the once-a-year wholesale opportunity for mostly cross stitch designers (and related companies such as thread manufacturers and fabric dyers) toContinue reading “New Patterns for Nashville Market!”

Old Pattern Books Are Just Plain Awesome

Some years ago, I was introduced to pattern books from centuries past that can be found online in the public domain.  (How I was introduced to them, thanks to a visit to a museum exhibit, will be the subject of a future blog post!)  I often return to them to scroll through pages and pages,Continue reading “Old Pattern Books Are Just Plain Awesome”

How a Dining Table Becomes Needlework

In the summer of 2018, I had the good fortune to see an exhibit at Winterthur, a historic museum specializing in the decorative arts in Delaware, titled “Dining By Design: Nature Displayed on the Dinner Table.”  While my main purpose that day was to enjoy a beautiful walk around the grounds and spend some timeContinue reading “How a Dining Table Becomes Needlework”

Aren’t we creating art?

I don’t think I can ever get tired of articles like this – findings from studies about the benefits of art and handcrafts.  This particular study was done at Drexel University and found that making art can significantly reduce stress related hormones in your body. Now, if you read through the article, you might make noteContinue reading “Aren’t we creating art?”