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Crafting During the Pandemic

You may have already seen this article from April, but I figured it was worth sharing. Titled "How Crafting Can Help Ease Pandemic Anxiety," it says what I know just about all stitchers already know. The work we do with our hands is so very important to us as individuals on so many different levels.... Continue Reading →

When and How Did You Learn to Stitch?

Okay, so that title is a loaded question and one that could take hours to answer. But I am bringing up the topic simply because it is related to my previous post about the Winterthur Needlework Conference. (A side note: in that post, I mentioned that the furniture conference, also planned to be held in... Continue Reading →

August’s Feature Artist on Reddit

Are you familiar with Reddit?  I know I became aware of its existence a couple of years ago and went to check it out, understanding that it was another platform to reach out to those with similar interests to me.  That said, while I created an account, I hadn't really learned much about it until... Continue Reading →

Heirloom Lace

For the most part, I am a one-project-at-a-time kind of stitcher.  A few exceptions here and there, but it is basically what works for me. Way back here, I shared with you the beginning of a major project.  Thanks to these months of more-staying-at-home-than-usual, it is now a finish.  Began on February 29th and finished... Continue Reading →

“Injustice anywhere…”

Feeling such a heavy heart with everything going on in our country right now.  I woke up this morning, as perhaps many did, feeling quite helpless. I see so many posts on my Facebook and Instagram of stitching...because stitchers are my people and my community and, in a lot of ways, a deeply important part... Continue Reading →

WorksByABC Third Anniversary!

Three years ago today, on May 19th, I launched my WorksByABC design business!  On this date, I officially made my Etsy store "live" and published a Flosstube video sharing my new adventure as a needlework designer.  I remember being nervous and wondering if anyone would buy any of my patterns.  Whether anyone out there would... Continue Reading →

The One Strand Effect

Back in March, one of my Market releases was this, titled Landscape: I wrote about it here .  Recently, I was contacted by a stitcher who had purchased the pattern and was stitching it using the Gentle Arts threads that I had used.  She said that she had run out of one (Sugarplum, which is the... Continue Reading →

Looking for the Positive

In my most recent Flosstube video , I shared a story from my local area, about a man who has delivered newspapers for nearly 30 years offering to bring groceries to those on his delivery route during these quarantine times.  Many of his customers are seniors and were/are very grateful to him for his generous offer.... Continue Reading →


If you didn't already know, Gary Parr hosts an incredible podcast for needleworkers called Fibertalk.  He puts in heart and soul - and many, many hours - into this incredible resource for all of us, interviewing needlework designers, store owners, artists, and so many in the industry from all around the world. I am lucky... Continue Reading →

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