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The One Strand Effect

Back in March, one of my Market releases was this, titled Landscape: I wrote about it here .  Recently, I was contacted by a stitcher who had purchased the pattern and was stitching it using the Gentle Arts threads that I had used.  She said that she had run out of one (Sugarplum, which is the... Continue Reading →

Looking for the Positive

In my most recent Flosstube video , I shared a story from my local area, about a man who has delivered newspapers for nearly 30 years offering to bring groceries to those on his delivery route during these quarantine times.  Many of his customers are seniors and were/are very grateful to him for his generous offer.... Continue Reading →


If you didn't already know, Gary Parr hosts an incredible podcast for needleworkers called Fibertalk.  He puts in heart and soul - and many, many hours - into this incredible resource for all of us, interviewing needlework designers, store owners, artists, and so many in the industry from all around the world. I am lucky... Continue Reading →


It's a movement.  There's no doubt about it. Cross stitch designers have been sharing freebie patterns, most surrounding the theme of "be well and stitch", during these most unusual of times.  You can find them by searching the hashtag #bewellandstitch and there seems to be more and more each day.  Big, well known designers and... Continue Reading →

An Amazing Used Booksale

For many years, I have volunteered at a huge used booksale.  It takes place in Princeton, New Jersey and bills itself as one of the largest used booksales on the east coast.  This year was the 89th Annual Bryn-Mawr/Wellesley Booksale.  Pretty amazing right there.  All proceeds go towards scholarships for local students to Bryn Mawr... Continue Reading →

Chatting on Fibertalk

About once a month, I am on the Fibertalk midweek show podcast with Gary Parr.  This past Wednesday, he and I chatted about a number of topics, including a debriefing of the Nashville Needlework Market. You can listen to the show through any podcast player/service that you use or find it here at the Fibertalk website... Continue Reading →

Nashville Needlework Market!

I've been back for over five days - why am I just now sitting down to write a bit about the Nashville Needlework Market? A lot of distraction this week - that big C word we're all tired of hearing about - plus a host of other little things.  But, truly, no real excuse of... Continue Reading →

The Start of a Big Project

Everyone feels different when they are at the beginning of a big project. I know this.  There is excitement over something new, fresh new fabric, threads, needle, etc. - a blank slate just waiting to be filled.  I am (mostly) a one project at a time stitcher, although some slight stretches of that since I... Continue Reading →


Back in the fall, I saw an exhibit at an art gallery that directly inspired me to try something new for a cross stitch pattern.  At this gallery, there was a series of works, most either abstract geometrical or vaguely simplistic landscapes, that were created using the same small pattern repeated over and over.  When... Continue Reading →

How to Live

When I was in college, I used to collect quotes in a little notebook.  Just statements that touched me, hit me the right way, connected with an experience or a feeling.  While I don't actively write down such words in a little book anymore, that doesn't mean that I don't often pause and contemplate when... Continue Reading →

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