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Thoughts on Designing

I've been thinking a lot recently about cross stitch designer "styles" and how I might describe or categorize my work. For example, I am NOT a "reproduction sampler designer" or a "cutesy smalls designer" or a "whimsical and primitive designer" - I think you get the idea. When trying to describe my work, I'll say... Continue Reading →

Some Hardanger

In the last couple of weeks, I've taken a little break from my normal cross stitching life to work on a Hardanger piece. This is not my own design - it is called Garden Highlights by Satin Stitches, worked on 25 count linen with Perle #8. Sometimes, you just need to change things up, you... Continue Reading →

EGA Online Studio Class

I am thrilled to share with all of you that my piece was accepted to be an Online Studio course with EGA! Online Studio courses are what you think they might be - an online class that is offered by the national EGA organization. No travel, no extra expenses of taking an in-person class, just... Continue Reading →

Time for a sale!!!

I have a sale going on right now through November 22 in my Etsy store. 15% off everything (both paper and pdf patterns) and free shipping within the US as well! Please go check out my listings and perhaps buy a new pattern for yourself. Again, here's a link to my Etsy store

Two More Patterns to Share

This is the third post about my newly released October patterns. Previous posts included my two Hanukkah designs and my two Arid patterns. There are two more patterns to share with all of you. First up is Floral Delight: This pattern was inspired by a page from a book printed in 1666. As has been... Continue Reading →

What’s an Arid?

The next patterns from my group of October releases are two that come from the same source. I call these Arid and Arid Supersized When scrolling through the Metropolitan Museum of Art's website one day, I came across an item in the collection that just drew me in: The description called it an arid and... Continue Reading →


I'm not sure where I first heard about or saw temari. But a few years back, I, for short time, became obsessed. Temari balls have their origin story in Japan, although have certainly spread throughout the world. This website will give you plenty of information and lots of beautiful photos if you are interested in... Continue Reading →

My First Cross Stitch

I know I mused about this a couple of blog posts ago: "have I shared the story of how I began to cross stitch?" I don't think I have, so it's as good of time as any to do so today. Some years ago, I entered a contest (I didn't win anything) where you had... Continue Reading →

Stitch Palettes

Are you familiar with If you have any interest in color, especially as a stitcher, you should get to know this website! This website is the creation of Krisztina, a woman that lives "in a beautiful and wild part of Europe" (her words). When it was mentioned to me in passing by a fellow... Continue Reading →

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