Time for Needlework Expo Reveals!

If you haven’t heard, there is an exciting event happening in a week and half (March 6 – 8) – Needlework Expo! This is a virtual wholesale-only market experience, primarily focused on the cross stitch industry. It is like Nashville Needlework Market – which typically takes place at the beginning of March, in person, inContinue reading “Time for Needlework Expo Reveals!”

A finish that was a long time coming

In my last post, I wrote about finally FFO’ing (fully finishing) a piece that I had designed and stitched last year, but finally got into a frame. Well, this story goes back WAY further than just last year. At my best guess, about ten years ago I was working on a cross stitch project. IContinue reading “A finish that was a long time coming”

Needlework Expo in March!

Well, I have once again let too much time pass between posts. Ah, well – such is life. At the beginning of January, there was an announcement about the Nashville Needlework Market, the once-a-year in-person wholesale shopping experience for needlework stores, with the specific focus on cross stitch. (There are other markets that are gearedContinue reading “Needlework Expo in March!”

Thoughts on Designing

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about cross stitch designer “styles” and how I might describe or categorize my work. For example, I am NOT a “reproduction sampler designer” or a “cutesy smalls designer” or a “whimsical and primitive designer” – I think you get the idea. When trying to describe my work, I’ll sayContinue reading “Thoughts on Designing”