Albrecht Durer’s Knots – Part II

As I wrote about in my last blog post, a few years back, I learned about these prints, dated from around the first years of the 1500s, these knots created by the artist Albrecht Durer.  I was so taken by them and truly delved into a personal research project to learn more. Some background cameContinue reading “Albrecht Durer’s Knots – Part II”

Albrecht Durer’s Knots – part 1

In my other world (as opposed to my needlework world), I am a middle school math teacher.  And I only bring this up today because it is relevant to the story I am telling. Some of you may already have known about the math side of me.  Some of you may have already seen someContinue reading “Albrecht Durer’s Knots – part 1”